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This website is intended to provide general information and tips only, and does not apply to specialised needs. If you have any health condition or concern, please contact your physician or health care provider.  You should always consult with a doctor or health care provider prior to changing your diet, exercise program, using any new product or supplement, or stopping the use of any medications, product or supplement. For any services obtained, individual results may vary depending on adherence to recommendations during services and programs. There is no guarantee implied or provided.

Terms of Use

Booking an Appointment

When booking an appointment with Pregnancy Baby and Me you will be required to give your name, address, date of birth, contact number and email.

These details are required to open a file in your name, ready for your booked consultation. This information is used to identify you and keep your notes secure and filed specifically for you.  We will also use this information for appointment reminders and to contact you in the unlikely event that we need to reschedule your appointment. It is your right to advise us as to how you would prefer to be contacted, you can update us at any time if you no longer wish to be contacted. 

Note: any claims via Medicare or Private Health Funds will be processed after each consultation as per the requirements by the regulatory bodies.

Medical Notes

As an allied health professional with the Dietitians Association of Australia and Exercise Sport Science Australia, and as a registered Medicare service provider who is also recognised by various private heath funds, there is a legal obligation to maintain records of your appointments, observations and the treatment provided you. These cannot be deleted upon request as in very rare circumstances the governing bodies named above can ask to view them in the future.


Notes are kept on file for 8 (eight) years from the last date of treatment and for children eight years after their 18 birthday.

You are able to request a copy  of the data held about you at anytime ('Right to Access') – in order to do so, email pregnancybabyandme@gmail.com and this can be arranged free of charge.  Once your identity is verified the requested data will be provided within 28 days. If you notice any inaccuracies in the data we hold about you, you can ask for this to be amended.  If your notes are hand written these notes will be photocopied and you will be sent a copy by recorded mail.  If notes are held on Cliniko your personal details can be collated digitally and sent securely – or printed if you would prefer.



Pregnancy Baby and Me uses Cliniko, for notes and record keeping, and to allow patients to book appointments online. Cliniko is a digital secure and encrypted service in line with the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs). More information on their privacy policy can be found on https://www.cliniko.com/policies/privacy/


Pregnancy Baby and Me utilises various payment systems to easily process payments and claims digitally via credit card, debit card, Medicare or Health Funds. Please refer to the following for information on thier Privacy Policy and Terms of Use:

Stripe: https://stripe.com/en-au/privacy

Medipass: https://medipass.com.au/user-terms/consumers

Clinic Letters

There may be circumstances where we contact members of your health care team regarding the findings of the assessment and identifying a treatment plan moving forwards.  You will always receive a copy of this. This is necessary for care plan referrals (Enhanced Primary Care Plans/ Chronic Disease Management Plans). You may choose not to give consent for us to contact your GP, if this is the case please advise your therapist.

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