Dietetic Consultations

45 mins



Initial appointment





This may feel like a long time to talk about food, but I promise it will fly. Who knows, you may even find out something new about yourself, like what you like to eat, what you don't eat and what you could improve on. (My poor sense of humour - of course you'll find all that out. This is a dietetic consultation)
Our in-person consultation will involve a general health assessment & other comprehensive assessments on nutrient and food intake specific to your requirements. We will also gain an understanding of your food habits and patterns. This will provide a baseline to monitor improvement over the course of our sessions and the long-term. Each session will also include an education session. We'll call it: teach a mum to fish and she'll feed everyone for life!
You will be emailed a form to complete after booking your appointment. This allows our time together to be efficient & focused on meeting your goals. Remembering what you ate yesterday can be a challenge, so this will give you some time to reflect on your patterns before seeing me.
By the end of this session we'll agree on a list of areas we can focus on to help reach your goals. When it comes to changing what we eat we can be very motivated to change, and often end up with too much on our plate (pun absolutely intended). Knowing that this phase of life is busy, we'll choose one (or two) focus areas and set specific & realistic targets.

Initial appointment

Review appointment

30 mins
Our review sessions are an opportunity to talk through what worked well AND what didn't work well. Making changes to what you eat can feel like an uphill battle where you are carrying a heavy load. With slippery shoes. And lots of rain. There can be a lot of barriers, but luckily we can overcome them together.
That is why follow-up is the key to creating eating plans that are both suited to your phase of life and long-term health.



Our intentions to follow plans can be great, but sometimes life happens. So there are NO expectation on having everything completed. Some steps / actions in our plan may have been easy, others may been challenging or not attempted at all - and that is ok! Our time here is spent of planning other, more specific solution.
Once we have a handle on a plan / habit, we'll go back to that initial list of things we want to improve on and prioritise our next steps. These review sessions will be an opportunity to talk about puzzle pieces to get to the big picture. We'll focus again on setting specific and realistic goals, as well as contingency plans to work on between our review sessions.

Review appointment