45 mins



Initial appointment





This might seem like a long time, but here we will really get to align on your goals & challenges (which can be many!) you may be facing with functional movements, like daily household or workplace activities, and/or planned exercise. Here is what we'll do in the initial assessment...
Our in-person consultation will involve a general health assessment & other comprehensive assessments such as postural, functional &/or targeted musculoskeletal assessments. This will provide a baseline to monitor improvement over the course of our sessions and in the long-term. Most sessions will also include an education component so you are in the driver's seat with our plans.
You will be sent an email with an online form and a clearance form to complete. This allows our time together to be efficient and focused on meeting your goals. To keep the highest standard of care for you and your baby, you may require a medical clearance prior to commencing with me.
By the end of this session we'll agree on a list of areas we can focus to help reach your goals. You will have take home exercises on an app, which you can track and monitor yourself with in real-time. Knowing that this phase of life is busy, we'll choose one (or two) focus areas and set specific & realistic targets to aim for.
We'll also plan for possible setbacks & work out possible solutions.

Initial appointment

Review appointment

30 mins
Our review sessions are an opportunity to talk through what worked well AND what didn't work well. We are only human, and human habits are complex! That is why follow-up is the key to creating healthy habits for movement and exercise patterns.



Firstly, there is no expectation on ticking all the boxes. Some steps / actions in our plan may have been easy, others may have been challenging or not attempted at all - and that is ok! Life can be busy and complicated. Our time here is spent of planning other, more specific solutions.
We gradually create progressions and/or add focus areas to our plans. Ongoing assessments and check-ins will be done to ensure that movements and exercises are aligned with you and your body's capacity. We'll focus again on setting specific and realistic goals, as well as contingency plans to work on between our review sessions.

Review  appointment

Exercise Physiology