in Pregnancy and Beyond


Imagine if you could go through your pregnancy feeling confident in meeting your body and baby's nutrition needs so they can thrive. Imagine feeling confident to stay fit and strong as your body adapts with each phase of pregnancy, and being ready to take on motherhood and ace it.


The Nourish and Move in Pregnancy and Beyond has got you covered! With the combination of one-on-one dietitian and exercise physiology support and  self-paced content, you can sail through pregnancy and set the best foundations for birth and life with your growing family.

Online Consultation

Individualised Nutrition support

You receive a plan based on your preferences and what you normally eat. We can also adjust the plan based on your goals and progress with weight gain and any thing else that may change your needs during your pregnancy

Tailored Exercise Program to suit each phase

From trimester one low energy and nausea to trimester three aches and discomforts, movement is the best medicine. Your online exercise plans and sessions allow for ongoing adjustment to suit the changes you are going through at each stage of your pregnancy.

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Online Meditation
Online Meditation

Accountability and Support

Knowing what to do and actually doing it can be very different. With our diet diary and exercise app along side ongoing one on one appointments, you can feel confident committing to your plans to eat well and remain safely active.


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